Goorin Bros. – Boxing Campaign

We were very excited to be asked to help provide Creative Direction on a series of campaigns for venerable San Francisco hatmakers Goorin Bros. In our first meeting, Ben Goorin, a fourth generation hatmaker, mentioned that it was the initial copy in our pitch that I’d written that he really responded to:

We talked through these ideas. About American workers and what it meant to have style and substance. Ben and I came up with the idea of a Prohibition-era boxing match complete with a group of characters that would be featured on the web and in a short film. These characters needed to be larger-than-life. This was the kind of project that could truly be driven by sheer imagination. I love projects like that!

Once the treatment was created, we wrote detailed character sketches. We then translated this material into a poster, film script, photo assets and web copy.Over the course of several weeks we were able to take the seed of an idea, flesh it out into a concept and execute on this concept. Working with Goorin Bros. has always been interesting. Ben Goorin’s dedication to quality and his unique vision make them an a brand that really stands out from the rest. This was a really satisfying project to work on.